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We entered the fourth year on February 2022, 2.

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Latest News

[Free] Introducing Orbit, a sound source featuring the beautiful sounds of BeatAcademy
How to use the browser that has been significantly updated with FL Studio 21 (XNUMX) (for intermediate users)
[Free] Introduction of delay plug-in spirals equipped with Daniel Gergely's pitch shift
[$19.90] KSHMR Reverb, a creative reverb packed with artist know-how, is on sale
[Free] Introduction of vocal doubling plug-in DeeDoubler for DOTEC-AUDIO
[Free] Introduction of Fananteampro's synth sound source Quentin (Win only)
[Free] Introduction of FM synth sound sources ADLMIDI and OPNMIDI emulating the YMF262/YM2612 chip
[Free] Introduction of 4-Division's bass sound source PANZER
[Free] Introduction to Monoplugs bass and lead monosynth Monique
[Free] Introduction to Kilohearts' legacy synth sound source kHs ONE
[Free] Introducing Dixon's Zither, a sample of a rare toy instrument from Dixonbeats
[Free] Introduction of Deep Jupiter sampling Analog Bass of SampleScience
[Until $ 39 1/31] AudioThing holds WIRES sale emulating wire recorders of the Soviet era (40% OFF)
ImageLine's FL Studio 21 Released! !Explaining the contents of the update ⑥ (Other editions)
[Free] Introduction of AudioSingularity's unbelievably free guitar amp package plug-in Neurontube
[Free] Introducing DRReverb Lite, which allows you to set the reverb time up to 100 seconds for Stone Voices
[$20.90 until 4/30] Stardust 201, an easy-to-use reproduction of Cherry Audio's Roland SE201, is on sale (34% off)
[Up to $ 53.90 1/31] Half price (69% OFF) for Serato Sample, which is highly recommended for finger drumming users
[$9.90 until 1/31] SampleX v3, which reproduces Beatskillz's vintage sampler, is on sale (86% OFF)
[Until $ 53.90 1/31] Softube's sample-based bass-specialized sound source Monoment Bass is on sale (50% OFF)


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