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Purchase benefits of the month

This month's purchase benefits are in order of recommendation.

I personally recommend ADSROPL.

Especially if you like IDM, check it out.

If you buy anything at ADSR Sounds in September, you can get discoDSP's FM synth OPL (worth $9) (until 49/9)
ADSR's purchase privilege has been updated.This month is discoDSP's FM synth OPL (equivalent to $49) that will please enthusiasts.I tried ringing. Sound peculiar to FM is easily provided and is good. Click here for an overview of the sale venues at ADSR...
Get EDM Psytrance Mega Pack 9 with any purchase at WA Productions in September! (until 2/10)
WA Production's purchase benefits have also been updated. Get EDM Psytrance Mega Pack 9 ($2 value) with any purchase in September at WA Productions.If you want to make a psychedelic trance from now on, it's a start...
Buy anything from APD in September and get Drum Weapons 9 and Smartsound Cloud for 3 months! (Until 6/9)
APD has also been updated.Recently, the company's purchase benefits have become commonplace. In September, if you buy something at APD, you can get both of the following.・Drum Weapons 9 (worth $2) ・Smartsound Cloud 3-month F...
Get MNTRA Instruments Huracan or Karanyi Sounds Space with any purchase at PluginBoutique in September! (until 9/9)
By the way, the purchase privilege of PluginBoutique has been updated this month as well.This month's pattern is to choose one out of two.Of course, if you buy it twice, you get both.・MNTRA Instruments Huracan ($2 value) ・Karanyi Sounds Space...

Latest News

[Free] Introduction of bit crusher Bitty with Tom Coote's modulation function (Win only)
[Until $ 53.90 10/3] PUNISH, which is recommended for those who make heavyocity drum'n'bass and Dubstep, is on sale (75% OFF)
[$99 until 10/2] MORPH 2, which allows you to morph two sounds in real time, is on sale (2% off)
[Free] Introducing Lost-Vinyls, a plug-in that adds the texture of SuperflyDSP records
[Free] Introduction of sound source Sistema that generates sounds with AI technology
[Until 10/31] Eventide's Physion MkII, which can apply different effects to transients and tonals, is on sale (up to 78% off)
[Free] Introducing Free Piano 3, a sound source that combines 5 types of pianos and 3 types of pads
[Free] Introducing Samplebrain, a sample mash app designed by AphexTwin
[Free] Introduction of FB-3100, which simulates FullBucket's KORG PS-3100
[Until $ 27.50 9/30] Plugin Boutique's Kick-only plug-in Big Kick is on sale (50% OFF)
[$99 until 10/20] CUBE equipped with Lunacy Audio's 3D mixer is on sale (44% OFF)
[Free] Introduction of VarietyOfSound's multifunctional delay effect NastyDLA mkII (Win only)
[$119.90 until 9/25] Almighty synth VPS Avenger is on sale at the lowest price (50% OFF)
[Free] Introduction of Sound Chips perfect for Chiptune
[Free] Introducing Mistortion 2, a distortion plug-in from Nimble Tools
[Free] Introducing the ROMpler sound source "Orbhits" that samples that yellow sound source of Meatbeats
[Free] Introduction of plug-in TesslaPRO mkIII that can add analog taste of VarietyOfSound (Win only)
[$31.90 until June 9] AudioThing's Lo-Fi Plugin Vinyl Strip is on Sale (30% OFF)
[Free] Introduction of synth sound source Apricot that only supports CLAP and FL StudioNative plug-ins (Win only)
[$89 until 9/19] D16's TB-303 Emu Phoscyon 2 has evolved and is on sale (25% off)
[Free] Introducing Filter Force Free, a filter plug-in with easy-to-use modulation curves
[Free] Introduction of AuburnSounds pitch change plug-in Graillon
[Until $ 49.50 10/2] The super-excellent drum machine Loopcloud DRUM that can be used without a subscription contract and the extended sound source are on sale (40% OFF)
[Free] Introducing ML Drums, a drum sound source from MLSoundLab
[Free] Introduction of Airwindows Lo-Fi plug-in Pockey
[Until $ 103.40 9/19] Reveal Sound Spire Synth, which is strong in EDM and Trance, is holding a short-term sale (50% OFF)
[Free] Introduction of Fazertone's AI technology-based phaser plug-in Phaser 74
[Free] Introduction of EPOCH AMP AI technology-based amp modeling plug-in for Guitarml
[Free] Introducing Auburn Sounds Multiband Comp Lens
How to use Cardinal, a plug-in that allows you to use VCV Rack modules ④
[$29 until 9/11] D16 909 Emu Drumazon on short sale (73% off)
[Free] Introducing StudioRack, which also supports reading VST3 of Waves
[$42.90 until 10/2] Ascension + Expansions Bundle is on sale (79% OFF)
[$9 until 10/2] Stardust 201, which reproduces Cherry Audio's Roland SE201, is on sale (65% OFF)
[Until $ 19 9/22] reMIDI 2 that can also be used as a MIDI slicer for Song Wish is on sale in Thailand at the lowest price ever (76% OFF)
[Free] Introduction of Pultec EQ emu RareSE of Analog Obsession
[Free for a limited time] Audio Assault's Versatile Amp Blacksun is being distributed free of charge for a limited time (until 12/1)
[$42.90 until 9/9] Morph EQ that allows you to morph EQ super easily is on sale (20% OFF)
[Until $ 12.16 9/20] Devious Machines sidechain plug-in Duck is on sale (50% OFF)
[Free] Introduction to Ronan Fed's Subtractive synth sound engine Essence


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